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We take pride in our highly educated team of Office and Field workers here at Sk'atsin Resources LLP.


Whether we are identifying protected animals or plants, we also find out how that affects our ecosystem and how can we help them thrive. Outdoor surveys and information are able to provide some crucial data about the land and its inhabitants. This data also enables us to ensure we are doing the right thing for Mother Nature. 


The office is backbone of the operation. Our many combined years of experience enables Sk'atsin Resources LLP to run at full capacity and continually build relationships with existing and future proponents. We see that all projects are organized, done in a timely manner and executed flawlessly. 

Mission & Focus

Sk'atsin Resources Ltd. serves Neskonlith members by managing Neskonlith forestry tenures, protecting culture, heritage and natural resources through collecting Cultural Heritage assessment data, supporting larger scale business development activities to provide own source revenue to NIB from forestry tenures and create employment opportunities for members and associated members. SRL achieves these through a team approach, direct management of enterprises, developing Neskonlith capacity, establishing and operating a natural resources field services contracting company and investing surpluses in new business assessment and establishment.

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