Working Safe & Working Right 

We work together with our proponents to make sure our territory is safe and clean. The field workers are trained to seek out any Culturally Modified Tree's, Cultural Depressions, old/new hunting ground's, old/new berry picking patches, any wild herbs/medicines that are going extinct, and any potential Archaeology sites. 

Cultural Heritage Assessments - CHAs

Project Management


Sk’atsin involved in many major projects including Forestry, Highways, Fisheries and Cultural Resources Management.

We also help with smaller projects around the community, such as Garbage disposal and Firewood delivery.

 Cultural Monitor​​ing 


Through extensive thorough training our staff is highly capable of executing all tasks flawlessly, while following all Safety and Procedures.


Field Technician


Sk'atsin Resources LLP

 740 Chief Neskonlith Drive

 Chase, BC V0E 1M3

 T: 250-679-3296

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